Thinking About Trying Twitter’s New Promote Mode? Wait…

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How to set it up…

It’s simple. You first choose your location and time zone. Then you have to decide if you want to target Interests or Locations. With interests, you can choose up to five from the list and for Locations, you can input five areas you wish to target. And that’s it, let it go to work for you. The benefits of are clear. If you’re not confident with using Twitter Ads this could be a simple and easy way to promote your business on Twitter. Twitter has said that on average users saw 30 new followers per month as well as reaching 30,000 new people. They have also said that there’s no guarantee. And that’s the point.

Content is King…

Unless you are putting out high-quality content on a daily basis, Promote Mode will be pointless, and won’t work for your business. Growing your audience on Twitter has always been about sharing great content that your fans find interesting. It might give you a boost, but to get the best out of it, and let’s be honest, when your spending £80 a month that’s the least you expect. you’ll still need to work hard at engaging your followers.

A few tips to make sure you get the best out of Promote Mode…

Tweet regularly and consistently

You need to be tweeting three times a day, every day. By posting consistently you will begin to reach more people. However, what you are tweeting needs to be of high quality. It’s better to Tweet less than to churn out uninteresting boring content. If you think you can only manage two tweets a day that’s fine but tweet twice a day every day. Consistency is key.

Use visuals in your Tweets.

Whether that’s an image, video or gif, posting visuals with your tweets add’s personality and leads to higher engagement . People are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain an image or video.

Use relevant hashtags in your Tweets

Hashtags are an important tool that helps increase your reach and allow you to pop up in conversations. Make sure you only use hashtags that are relevant to your business and don’t use too many — two to three max. Try creating your own hashtag for your company.

Share content that you think your audience will find interesting

Sharing interesting content is a great way to grow your audience and engagement figures. Share content from influencers in your field to help create brand credibility for your business, and also send traffic your way.

Interact with your audience

Interacting with your audience is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty and increase your reach and grow your audience. Ask questions and run polls. Ask people to tag their friends. Let your followers know the outcome of a particular poll or question.

Use the correct mix of content

You want the right amount of content mix in your strategy. By Tweeting too much content that promotes your business is a quick way to turn off your audience and lose followers. Use the one-third rule when planning your content calendar.

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